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Apparatus v1.2 APK

Apparatus is a game where you build simple mechanical structures to make a path for one or several marbles to the goal. Use the laws of classical mechanics to complete each level!

Build a space rocket, connect cables from batteries to motors, build bridges, set up teeter totters,
swing with ropes, build vehicles, or just let the marble have a happy roller coaster
ride to the goal!

Use the hammer or the wrench to connect planks, wheels and other objects together.

Use the control panel to control your creations, be it a monster truck, a mechanical rifle or anything YOU can imagine!

Creativity is essential in the gameplay Apparatus. If you don't have the patience to figure
out the challenge levels, why not just play around in the physics sandbox and build whatever
comes to mind? Upload and share your levels in the community section or download and
comment on other players' levels.

The early levels will teach you how to play the game and go through some basic concepts.
The more you progress the more freedom the levels provide, many levels can
be solved in many different ways.

Every time you complete a level, you can go into freebuild mode and modify the level
however you like. If you make the level better, or just harder, you might want to
upload it to the community section and let other people play your modified level.


What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 29, 2013)
  • Better support for high density screens
  • Experimental support for Android x86
  • Bugfixes
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Apparatus - screenshot
Apparatus - screenshot
Apparatus - screenshot
Apparatus - screenshot
Apparatus - screenshot
Apparatus - screenshot

Download : 10Mb APK

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