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Daredevil Rider FULL v1.0.4 APK

Only the most daring drivers (or the craziest) are able to pull of these amazing stunts!

Daredevil Rider FULLplay.google.com.daredevilriderfull
They need to be one tough cookie in order to get behind the while of a motorcycle and launch themselves off a ramp without any safety net. In DareDevil Rider you can attempt these awesome stunts from your mobile device…without risking your life or a lot of serious injuries.

In DareDevil Rider YOU are the ultimate acrobatic stuntman! Test your skills and overcome intense obstacles to pull off the stunts. You’ll be expected to jump through rings of fire and over obstacles like trucks, cars, airplanes, helicopters...and few other surprising objects. Your goal is to land on the braking ramp that marks the end of the level.

Without precision and accuracy you won’t last very long…you should optimize your jump power and don’t waste it impulsively. If you fall off the ramp you won´t get hurt, but your stuntman won´t be very happy about it. Luckily you’re able to try as many times as you want!

Get points by catching coins as you fly through the air, by completing stunts, doing wheelies, stoppies or by making the perfect landing.

  • 3D Graphics.
  • 80 levels and 3 different worlds: the Grand Canyon, The Bridge, and the Tropical Volcano (Tropical Volcano level is exclusively available for Premium players)
  • Moving obstacles.
  • Discover new levels where the driver becomes a human dart; sharpen your aim and help the stuntman make a bullseye.
  • Compete with your Facebook friends, share your scores, and invite new users to play.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Daredevil Rider FULL - screenshot
Daredevil Rider FULL - screenshot
Daredevil Rider FULL - screenshot
Daredevil Rider FULL - screenshot
Daredevil Rider FULL - screenshot

Download : 44Mb APK

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