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Sliding Messaging Pro v7.90 APK

Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android!

Sliding Messaging Proplay.google.com.messaging_donate
Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features.

  • Easily switch between conversations by dragging out the sliding menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Start a new conversation by sliding out the menu on the right side of the screen
  • Manage old messages with a single click
  • Choose between light and dark themes
  • Limited MMS support
  • Emoji support
  • Adjust text size and control notifications and theme though settings
  • Quick reply popup
  • Multi-window support for Galaxy Note
  • Light Flow support
Pro Features:
  • Currently limited MMS support (future improvement definitely coming though)
  • Lots more coming in the future :)
  • If you are having problems receiving notifications, you may need to uninstall 3rd party messengers such as Go SMS.
  • When using this app, do not disable the stock messaging app as I use it to permanently save messages to the phone. You can however, disable notifications for it so that you don't receive 2 of them.
What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 22, 2013)
  • Added a "Personalized Mass SMS" feature under "Other Links" in settings
  • Ability to send new message to group contacts
  • Option for how many times to repeat a notification
  • Add templates to scheduled SMS
  • New pickers for selecting date and time in scheduled SMS messages
  • New in app notification for the number of unread messages when you open the app
  • Fixes for SlideOver foreground service
  • Bug fixes
  • Force close fixes
  • Some MMS changes
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :
Sliding Messaging Pro - screenshotSliding Messaging Pro - screenshot Sliding Messaging Pro - screenshot
Sliding Messaging Pro - screenshot Sliding Messaging Pro - screenshot

Download : 5.2Mb APK

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