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Tales of Illyria EP2 v3.11 APK

Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron wall is the second episode in the Tales of Illyria series.

Tales of Illyria EP2play.google.com.ringstrail
Episode Two thrusts you into the role of Kepri bint'Kaman, a priestress dedicated to the protection of the Iron Wall that defends Vasena from the rest of the world. When enemies come to destroy the wall, she must gather an army of allies and bring the fight to them in a game filled with critical choices. Explore a vast world of mythical djinn, sandworms, lamias, the arcane undead and much more!

Tales of Illyria is a party based RPG hybrid mixing Oregon Trail and Choose Your Own Adventure game mechanics. Each party member has a distinct personality and reacts differently to being sick, running out of supplies or decisions that go against their alignment. Combat is tactical but extremely fast, both in real time and turn based. Issue orders to your party or let the AI do the work.
  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • An expanded version of the renowned travel and survival dynamics in the Tales of Illyria series.
  • Hunt exotic animals and harvest plants to feed your party.
  • 6 unique kingdoms with 42 villages, castles and cities to visit.
  • New jungle and savanna environments, in addition to rich forests, vast deserts and mountains.
  • 86 original musical tracks
  • Thousands of new graphics, faces, weapons, armors, and new spells to make Illyria feel grander and even more alive.
  • See the new Vasenian armor and weapons! Equipment changes affect the look of combat sprites and portraits.
  • Improved battle system featuring enemy-unique spells, elemental strengths and weaknesses. Turn based or real-time, combat now requires a lot more strategy.
  • 370,000+ words across nearly 800 unique events
  • An epic storyline with four different endings
  • Learn what happened in the years following the chaotic events of Tales of Illyria Episode One: Fallen Knight!
After the game installs, additional files will be downloaded depending on the resolution you pick. This will range from 300MB to 1GB. You will need double that in free space to install the game.

If you have EP1 installed in "Shared Storage" you will NOT need to download the files

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Screenshots :
Tales of Illyria EP2 (RPG) - screenshotTales of Illyria EP2 (RPG) - screenshotTales of Illyria EP2 (RPG) - screenshot

Download : 7.7Mb APK

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